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Adriatic Movement negotiates the conclusion of contracts for holiday accommodation and rental cars between the customer and the property owner/ tour operator/ airlines respectively /charter companys. Throughout the complete process Adriatic Movement is only intermediary agent and never the actual property owner or tour operator. Adriatic Movement acts as a representative for the property owner in the initiation and conclusion of a contract.



Through a booking via phone, email or in writing you make a binding travel agreement twith the owner of a holiday accommodation who is represented by Adriatic Movement. Adriatic Movement reserves the right to accept the offer. A binding contract is concluded with the customer when Adriatic Movement or the service provider (owner/ tour operator/ airline) confirm the booking via phone, email or in writing. Please note that if at a later date you withdraw from the contract then the provider is entitled to cancellation charges. In order to avoid any form of misunderstanding we recommend a booking via fax or by clicking on the button ‘book’ that can be found above every property description. With the booking you accept the terms and conditions of the respective provider as well as the terms and conditions of Adriatic Movement.

These terms and conditions can be found as a link with each property description. Before you complete the booking you will be referred to the terms and conditions and be asked to confirm them. We advise you to print a copy for your record.

When completing the booking you will be required to give the number of people (including all children) and if applicable pets (included type and breed). Some accommodations only allow pets to be taken on request and often only one pet is permitted. Should you have specific requests or requirements (e.g. different arrival time, extra/additional services, order of linen, final cleaning) then please make note of this in the text field of the booking.

In the case that the booking was successful then you will receive from Adriatic Movement in its function as an intermediary agent a pre-confirmation. All other information you will receive subsequently again from the provider from Adriatic Movement as a travel agent.

Customers are obliged on receipt to check whether the confirmation is accurate. In the case you find an error or a discrepancy you must inform Adriatic Movement or the service provider. This information should be given within 3 days after receipt. Belated notification of incorrect details cannot be considered and they do not enable the customer to withdraw from the contract.

In the case that you do not receive a further confirmation within a week of the receipt of the pre-confirmation email we ask you to inform us of this so we can ensure that the email is sent out again.

Certain accommodation can only be booked on request. This binding inquiry can take up to 1 to 3 working days and in some exceptional case up to one week if for example the property owner cannot be contacted immediately. You will be bound to your booking request except for the case where you have set the provider a reasonable deadline to answer your request (e.g. please reply by 4p.m. this Friday).

The basis of each booking is the detailed description of each property on the internet which has been respectively given by the provider. The search criteria for the online search or short text only are an orientation and may change in exceptional cases. Under the detailed description you can find photos and further information on furnishings and fittings, location, rent, included extra charges. Information on issues relating to caution, final cleaning or linen can also be obtained from the terms and conditions of the respective provider.



Please take note of the detailed payment terms which are to be found in the respective offer description. Depending on the provider the rent is payable either via bank transfer, debit or credit card. Generally the initial payment is due immediately with the remaining sum being payable 30 days before departure. For any bookings made from 30 days before departure the entire rental price will be due immediately. If the procured service is offered by a tour operator then you will receive a security certificate or an other appropriate certification of insolvency protection. In the respective object description you will be able to find details on payment options and terms. For certain types of payments such as credit cards Adriatic Movement and an individual providers reserve the right to make an individual charge. Please note that the provider will not be liable for any charges/fees which may be incurred due to bank transfer of the rent (domestic or foreign).

Short term bookings are in most cases only possible by debit or credit card. Adriatic Movement will send you a form which needs to be filled out. Only after the relevant information has been received will Adriatic Movement be able to pass on your booking to the provider.

In the case that Adriatic Movement collects the payment on behalf of the provider then additional charges may occur if payment reminders have to be sent. Depending on the short notice, priority and the amount of the outstanding payment atraveo has the right from 10 days of default to raise a charge between 5-20 € for every payment reminder.



Should the customer want to rebook after receipt of the first confirmation (in most cases via email/ though also possible via fax or phone) then this is possible subject to a fee. Certain providers calculate a general rebooking charge. In exceptional cases a rebooking may first require a cancellation and then a new booking can be made. This will lead to cancellation charges as stated in terms and conditions of the provider. In addition to this Adriatic Movement is entitled to levy a charge up to 30€ for every rebooking, change of date or cancellation. This does not have any effect on the charges that the provider may levy.

At any time before commencing on their holiday the customer can cancel the journey. Relevant time to be considered is when the service provider (property owner, tour operator, airline carrier) has received the notification of cancellation. It is strongly recommended that the customer provides this notification in writing or via email.

Should the customer want to avoid the burden of the above mentioned cancellation charges then we strongly advise you to take out a travel cancellation insurance.



Should you only want to make an enquiry whether an accommodation is vacant then use the button "enquire" and not "book". Should the property be vacant at the requested time you will receive a non-binding notification and no booking will have been carried out. You can also send Adriatic Movement an email on info@adriaticmovement.com with your travel requests. For us to present you with a suitable offer we ask you to provide us with as many details as possible in your request. This offer is subject to confirmation and subject to price alterations from the property owner or tour operator.



We recommend that the customer at least take out a travel cancellation insurance. In addition to this it is also advised to consider taking out a travel health insurance for European destinations. Even small accidents often lead to substantial costs and these may not be covered by the statutory insurance. On request we can send you a suitable offer. Please note the closing periods.



Should you unexpectedly experience difficulties on your holiday or not find the accommodation in proper order please immediately contact the provider. In the case small problems occur (e.g. broken light bulb) then please contact local administration or caretaker as they will be able to assist.

After your holiday (please note the statutory periods) you can send your tour operator a further complaint in writing. In the case you did not notify the provider of possible defects immediately whilst on holiday then they do not necessarily have to consider your written complaint. The address and telephone number of the provider can be found in your travel documents.

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